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DEODATE was formed from a marriage of management consulting and large-scale commercial real estate brokerage best practices.


Incorporating data-backed, systematic, and strategic approach to real estate, with up-to-the-minute “boots on the ground” understanding of macro & micro commercial real estate market realities.


At DEODATE, our success has come as the result of a tireless dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs. 

We represent clients, not deals.



  1. To guide and support our clients in making educated, strategic, and timely real estate decisions to maximize the efficiency, viability, and profitability of their assets and portfolios. 

  2. To help DEODATE team members maximize their talents in order to fulfill their own personal missions, grow their careers, and in doing so, improve the world around them.



DEODATE’s leadership experience stemmed from senior positions at management consulting firms where data analysis, process and systems execution, and strategy were paramount to client success. Our experience also benefited from senior positions at national commercial real estate brokerages where deal sourcing, market understanding, transactional management, and negotiation were paramount.

This experience also enabled DEODATE’s leadership team to identify notable gaps in both real estate management consulting and commercial real estate brokerages. On one hand, consulting teams had a deep understanding of historical data and market dynamics. However, they lacked the “ear to the ground” and assertive deal-sourcing capabilities enjoyed by their brokerage counterparts.


CRE brokerages, on the other hand, understand deal flow, negotiation, and current market dynamics. But what they often lack are data-backed metrics and substantiation of deal decision-making. They also lean towards an environment where the “deal” was the main client in an engagement.


DEODATE was formed to eliminate these shortcomings and to provide modern, data-backed solutions that meet the needs of every client.


Leadership leads projects for boutique management consulting firms and transacts for national commercial real estate brokerages on multiple engagements/deals.

DEODATE beats out consulting, architecture and brokerage teams for the State of California DGS, Exposition Park Real Estate Strategy RFP.

DEODATE secures one of the largest leases (CA) of 2018 for a food manufacturer. Onboards Global 1000 European firm for real estate strategy services. Firm leads expansion for food companies in TN, VA, and GA.

DEODATE adds east coast government, and Global 1000 clients to its client roster. DEODATE advises national companies on Covid-19 related portfolio strategies.

DEODATE reaches its 300th engagement and 100th client on over $4-billion in real estate projects and transactions. DEODATE nominated as LABJ CRE Brokerage Executive of the Year.


DEODATE Corporation launched with first consulting contract leading a $127M real estate program management department with government agency.

DEODATE begins advising clients in transactional strategy. Begins advising food/bey clients in full outsourced corporate real estate capacities.

Client demand for food grade industrial facilities continues to grow. DEODATE engagement span dozens of markets in nearly 10 states across the nation.

 DEODATE selected as real estate strategy team to 12-campus LACCD network. Onboards largest logistics company in the world to client roster. Engagements in five Canadian Markets kick off.

and Beyond: DEODATE expands private equity client base and expands national presence by launching offices in Kansas City and Dallas/Fort Worth. DEODATE nominated as LABJ Brokerage Executive of the Year and GlobeSt Retail Influencer.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can provide value to your company's strategic growth.

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