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Fortune 500 Energy Company Partners with DEODATE to Solve Expansion Challenges Amidst Land Scarcity

Updated: Mar 25, 2023


A Fortune 500 company in the energy sector needed to expand its office footprint in order to continue to support a rapidly growing customer base. However, like many companies in the Southern California region, available move-in or construction-ready options in the area were scarce. In fact, for this company, they were nonexistent. The only property that was close enough to their existing headquarters and which could be built on was their own three-acre parking lot.

This property was the right size for their needs, but it would create new concerns for the company—finding new parking, and working out both the logistics and added costs of having to shuttle their employees to and from work each day.

The company turned to DEODATE to help them identify a host of options so they could select the one that was ultimately the best fit for both their business and their employees.


​Landlocked and unable to expand existing footprint

​High costs and logistics headaches due to shuttle scheduling constraints

​Limited commercial real estate availability in the region

​Local municipality posed permitting limitations for short-term off-site parking


DEODATE surveyed the surrounding area and identified a number of nearby, available offsite lots that were large enough for the client’s construction crew and employee needs. However, there was no avoiding the need for contractor/employee shuttling. While there are some benefits to corporate commuter shuttles, and in some areas, they may be the only option, they come with added challenges for both companies and their employees. Added costs, limiting employees to certain times a day that shuttles would run to/from work, weather/shelter-related concerns, and the typically-high traffic in the region would need regular monitoring to ensure that employees could safely get to and from the office.

As the company evaluated the available options and their costs, DEODATE negotiated a direct, short-term lease with a public school that sat directly adjacent to their client. It would end up being the perfect option—not only for the client but for the school district, as well.

DEODATE arranged a lease agreement that was a win-win for both their client and the school district alike. The lease would enable the client to build on their existing property, and current and future employees would be able to continue to be able to park onsite. The overall cost savings to the client exceeded $1.5M over a three-year period. The benefit to the school district is continued revenue generation that will go into their general fund, and which can be directed wherever it's needed most.


DEODATE leverages a combination of data-backed, creative strategies and innovative, proprietary technologies to solve big challenges for our clients. Businesses in every industry—in both the public and private sectors—turn to DEODATE to help them navigate turbulent times and serve greater markets and populations.

Contact us today to inquire how these results were achieved, and how similar, tailored strategies may assist your initiatives.


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